Universal B Maintenance Platform

The Universal B Maintenance Platform is fully scalable compared to the B1 & B2 – larger and smaller sizes available. Fully Customizable to many sizes, heights, and widths.


Universal B Maintenance Platform

Universal B Maintenance Platform Features:

  • Fully Customizable to many sizes, heights, and widths.
  • The streamlined ‘X’- design allows the unit to fit into many tight, hard to reach work areas.
  • Multiple working heights enables technicians to reach all difficult work areas safely.
  • Hydraulic pump mounted beneath deck to avoid trip hazards.
  • Hydraulic pump equipped with safety valves to avoid rapid loss of fluid.
  • Quick and easy — one person set up!
  • Easy, portable, and maneuverable on flat surfaces.
  • The ‘Super B’ is scalable – larger and smaller sizes available.


  • Extension Planks, Straight or Curved Ladders, Work trays, Stabilizing Jacks.
  • (The ‘Super B’ Meets Military Standards for design and safety).
  • Customizable Working heights range of 4-15 ft.
  • Removable, adjustable hand rails.
  • 750 lb. SWL (OSHA – 3 person stand).
  • Steel Base.
  • Aluminum Stairs and Top.
  • Hydraulic lift (manual or electric).
  • Streamline design The ‘Super B’ is only 5 feet wide!!


Universal B Maintenance Platform Safety Features:

  • High grade locking casters with brakes.
  • Self leveling stairs.
  • Hydraulic system (Manual or electric) equipped with safety valve.
  • Hydraulic pump controls accessible from deck.
  • Removable and adjustable hand rails.
  • Safety gate.
  • Engineered to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance!

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