Truck Mounted Scissor Lift

The Truck Mounted Scissor Lift provides working heights of up to 38′ (11.58m) with platform capacities of up to 4,000lbs. (1,814kg). The telescopic scissors assembly minimizes wheelbase requirements; this provides maximum maneuverability without compromising platform height.

Truck Mounted Scissor Lift Features:

  • Telescopic Scissors Design – Provides increased stability at full elevation.
  • Skydrol Resistant Paint – Protects the lift from harsh chemical spills.
  • 3″ Tubular Aircraft Bumpers – Adds protection when working in close proximity to aircraft.
  • Platform Controls – Include pedestal with stabilizer raise/lower and ignition with anti re-start. A pendent controller includes platform traverse and raise lower controls.
  • Emergency Back up Controls at Base – Allows the platform to be retracted and lowered or the stabilizers raised in the event of an engine failure.
  • Non-Slip Platform Surface – Provides good traction for worker safety.
  • Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Supply – Provides necessary power to operate all functions.
  • Hydraulic Stabilizers – Increases stability of the entire unit.
  • Lanyard Attachment Points – Available on platform for attaching fall protection.
  • Traversing Platform – Provides excellent reach and precise alignment at elevation.