British Aerospace BAe-146 towbar

Our British Aerospace BAe-146 towbar features carriage extendable via manually operated hydraulic pump for standard and universal tow bar.


British Aerospace BAe-146 towbar

British Aerospace BAe-146 towbar Features:


  • Tow bar well balanced, no need for counter wheels
  • Overload protection via shear pin (except Mini tow bar)
  • Security bolt keeps adapter and tube connected if shear pins break (except Mini tow bar)
  • Carriage extendable via manually operated hydraulic pump for standard and universal tow bar
  • Paint color according to customers choice

Main components:

  • Steel or aluminum tube
  • Adapters designed for specific aircraft type
  • Lockable claws or pins grip the aircraft nose gear
  • Carriage with solid rubber or pneumatic tires
Universal Aircraft Towbar

British Aerospace BAe-146 towbar Options:

  • Different lengths of tube for standard and universal tow bar
  • Different sizes of carriage for standard and universal tow bar
  • Swinging axle for standard and universal tow bar
  • Adapter torsion for standard and universal tow bar
  • Shock absorber
  • Pivoting tow eye

Technical Characteristics:

Tow Bar Type Tube length (mm) Tube ø (mm) Carriage size (mm) Wheel size ø (mm) Weight (kg) Material Number of Aircraft types
Universal 4,400 159-220 580-960 250-410 180-535 Steel or Aluminium >40

Other Aircraft Towbar Models:

  • Standard Tow bar
  • Flying Tow bar
  • Mini Tow bar

Please note: It is the customer‘s responsibility to verify that the tow bar can be used with the aircraft type and model of aircraft tractor.

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