AviationMaintenancePlatforms.com strives to offer the most comprehensive, most up to date products in the Aerospace Industry. We constantly add products and update our database from current vendors and prospective new vendors.

There are a few things to consider if you have a new product that you would like for us to consider supplying on AviationMaintenancePlatforms.com.

Aerospace Product Information:

The following information must accompany the new product submission:

Photo CD/Electronic submission of product photos
Vendor Product Number
Vendor Barcode (UPC if applicable)
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Order Minimums/Case Quantities
Cost and Available Discounts
Restrictions for Sale/HazMat Information
Suggested catalog text – this may be modified
Additional Non-Standard information
Any available informational video
All technical information
Information pertaining to any related accessories
Additional information may be requested based on submission
Product Samples:

From prospective new vendors, AviationMaintenancePlatforms.com occasionally requires a sample of each product for testing and evaluation before it can be considered for addition to the product line.

Aviation Maintenance Platforms will not pay for product samples or the shipping of product samples either inbound or outbound.
Product samples will be returned only to vendors who send a written request and a call tag for the item(s).
Product samples will be used and returned in a used condition.
Aviation Maintenance Platforms is not responsible for wear, tear or breakage to any product sample.
Aviation Maintenance Platforms generally responds to new product samples within 30 days of receipt.
If Aviation Maintenance Platforms has not received a written request for return of the sample along with the appropriate call tag for return shipping within 90 days, the sample may be disposed.
Vendors are not eligible for any compensation for product samples.
Contacting Aviation Maintenance Platforms dot Com:

Aviation Maintenance Platforms can be contacted via fax, email or mail utilizing the information found on this page.

Corporate Mailing/Shipping Address for new products:

Naturalene, Inc.
C/O: New Product Department
1299 66th St., N.
Suite #41694
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Fax: 1-877-680-2958
Email: [email protected]