An aircraft’s wings give it lift, as well as port and starboard control. However, it is the empennage, also called the tail or tail assembly, that provides the pilot with the control to maintain vertical and horizontal stability. Thus maintenance to the tail assembly is as vital as maintenance to the wings, engines and landing gear is.

To inspect and maintain the tail assembly of an aircraft technicians require access to tail areas. With any larger aircraft the tail is usually unreachable without the use of a special type of aircraft maintenance platform called a tail dock.

For large jet airplanes, custom tail docks are designed to provide full access to vertical and horizontal stabilizers, APU cavity, as well as AFT fuselage areas. Custom tail docks are usually made of F16 Maintenance Tail Standhigh quality aluminum or steel, and built to order by airlines or aircraft maintenance companies that specialize in commercial jets.

Maintenance of the tail area of a plane is critical. On larger aircraft a custom aircraft tail docks that offers technicians a safe maintenance platform for routine inspections, modifications, overhauls, and repairs of an aircraft tail assembly is needed. Unlike standard aircraft maintenance platforms that are available in inventories, tail docks are often ordered in a specific configuration. Custom tail docks are ordered because they have to be compatible with such a wide range of aircraft, such as every model of Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas aircraft.

These purpose built aircraft maintenance platforms are generally comprised of left and right hand subassemblies, or half-docks. Depending upon the type of aircraft, a custom tail dock can differ from another only slightly, or the difference can be quite pronounced. However, they all will usually consists of a main deck that functions as the stabilizer platform, and located above it are two or three upper catwalk platforms.

There are companies that have standard aircraft maintenance platforms that can be used to service an airplane’s tail area. Unfortunately these do not always make it easy to reach all of the empennage’s area that needs attention. When they’re available, custom aircraft maintenance platforms designed and built to be compatible with a particular modelof aircraft’s tail assembly are an ideal alternative to ordering custom tail docks. Generally though, ordering a custom tail dock is the solution.

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