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British Aerospace Avro towbar


Our British Aerospace Avro towbar features carriage extendable via manually operated hydraulic pump for standard and universal tow bar.

British Aerospace Avro towbar

British Aerospace Avro towbar Features:


  • Tow bar well balanced, no need for counter wheels
  • Overload protection via shear pin (except Mini tow bar)
  • Security bolt keeps adapter and tube connected if shear pins break (except Mini tow bar)
  • Carriage extendable via manually operated hydraulic pump for standard and universal tow bar
  • Paint color according to customers choice

Main components:

  • Steel or aluminum tube
  • Adapters designed for specific aircraft type
  • Lockable claws or pins grip the aircraft nose gear
  • Carriage with solid rubber or pneumatic tires
Universal Aircraft Towbar

British Aerospace Avro towbar Options:

  • Different lengths of tube for standard and universal tow bar
  • Different sizes of carriage for standard and universal tow bar
  • Swinging axle for standard and universal tow bar
  • Adapter torsion for standard and universal tow bar
  • Shock absorber
  • Pivoting tow eye

Technical Characteristics:

Tow Bar Type Tube length (mm) Tube ø (mm) Carriage size (mm) Wheel size ø (mm) Weight (kg) Material Number of Aircraft types
Universal 4,400 159-220 580-960 250-410 180-535 Steel or Aluminium >40

Other Aircraft Towbar Models:

  • Standard Tow bar
  • Flying Tow bar
  • Mini Tow bar

Please note: It is the customer‘s responsibility to verify that the tow bar can be used with the aircraft type and model of aircraft tractor.

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