Of the five distinct configuration within the B-Series Maintenance Stands, the B1 and B2 stands are two of the most practical to have on hand. Although exact specifications vary from one manufacturer to the next, the designations of B1 and B2 (B-Series Maintenance Stands) mean they fall within standards required to perform specific tasks. Having both on hand provides technicians with at least one platform that can reach from 3′ to as much as 19′ or 20′. The difference at the higher reach depends on the manufacturer of the aircraft maintenance platform itself.

Photos of the B-Series Maintenance Stands:

B1 maintenance stands are a practical solution to overhead maintenance tasks or production jobs that require moderate reach. B1 stands are able to reach from 3′ to 12′ feet above the floor. A B1 B7-Aircraft-Maintenance-Platformmaintenance stand can also be used as a temporary stairways for aircraft maintenance workers. The standard B1 maintenance stand is 4 feet by 4 feet, and has a 500 lbs. capacity which it can raise into position by means of a self contained hydraulic system.

The B2 aircraft maintenance stand is a step up when it comes to reach. Although the lift capacity is the same as the B1 stand, the B2 stand can be used to service aircraft within a 10′ to 19′, and depending on the manufacturer sometimes a 20′ range.

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Both B1 and B2 series maintenance stands use a hydraulic system that allows for quick and easy height adjustment. The stands are practical too, in that they’re designed to be easily operated by one person. As far as being a safe, easy to use solution for performing aircraft maintenance or repair work overhead, or high off the floor, the B-Series Maintenance Stands are invaluable tools.

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