B-Series Maintenance Platform are among the top maintenance platforms being used today. The stand uses a hydraulic pump which allows for an easy and quick way to adjust the maintenance stand’s height on various levels. The heavy duty units are designed and developed so that it can be operated by a single person without any problems. When it comes to being practical and a perfect solution for conducting maintenance over high locations the B-series maintenance platforms are the tool to use.


Different B-Series Maintenance Platforms

It can extend from up to 7 feet from the ground and can also be used as a stairway for various aircraft maintenance and construction job. We, at Aviation Maintenance Platforms, have also brought B7-Aircraft-Maintenance-Platformaffordable and flexible solutions for aircraft, construction and industrial companies alike. It can suit numerous construction industries and is the best and safest solution when it comes to ease of use and dependability. The B-series maintenance platforms are among the most trusted heavy duty equipment around and the series has built a reputation of being highly sturdy and dependable. Our top-notch elevating lift is the best solution for working at high levels while also ensuring the safety of the worker.


Our huge selection of B-Series maintenance platforms where specifically designed for mobility and flexibility. We, at Aviation Maintenance Platform, offer a wide range of lifts to choose from. All are certified and guaranteed to be of the top most quality. Our landing and platforms equipment can be used to give assistance and maintenance to aircrafts on the ground. We offer maintenance platforms of varying sizes to accommodate the aircraft or simply any construction site that are located at a considerable height above ground. All maintenance platforms are equipped with all the necessary parts like the tow bar to ensure ease of mobility and sturdy rails to ensure safety.

When it comes to the best quality maintenance lift, look no further than Aviation Maintenance Platforms. Our list of maintenance platforms can be used quickly and safely even by a single operator and can work at heights of up to over 20 feet. These slip-resistant maintenance platforms are perfectly enclosed in high quality guardrails, the standard base of the platform was designed in order to be able to fit through most common doorways and the leveling base can adapt to uneven surface for a better balance. When it comes to construction and aircraft maintenance safety, choose only the best. You are guaranteed a much easier experience with our B-Series Maintenance Platforms as it puts emphasis not only on flexibility but also on the operator’s safety.

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