There is a constant when maintaining, inspecting, overhauling or making repairs to large passenger or cargo aircraft. That constant is that a great many tasks will need to be done far off the ground. Outside of the aviation industry there can be few that have a greater need for truck mounted lifts, elevated maintenance platforms, and other means of lifting technicians, mechanics and other workers into the air.

APX-Series-Scissor-Manlift-Aircraft-PlatformIt’s not an exaggeration to say that without truck mounted scissor lifts, elevated aircraft maintenance platforms and truck mounted cranes, it would be impossible to perform most of the maintenance and repairs a commercial jet may requires. The mounted scissor lift is one of the benchmark aircraft maintenance platforms for apron aircraft maintenance tasks. Designed specifically to meet the needs of airlines these unit incorporate features to facilitate tasks such as leading and trailing edge inspections and modifications.

The range of truck mounted lifts specifically designed and equipped for the aviation industry and airport use is extensive. Likewise, the range of lift that can be managed by truck mounted lifts is from as little as couple of hundred pounds on up, while the height range can reach as high as a 3 story building.

Aircraft truck mounted lifts are mounted on a wide variety of chassis, both large and small. Smaller vehicles are more maneuverable and the best choice for general ramp maintenance. Larger lifts, mounted on heavier chassis, provide increased lift capability and height reach. Regardless of the task, there’s an aircraft truck mounted lift ideally suited for the job.

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