Aircraft Tow Bars Introduction:

Aviation Maintenance Platforms aircraft tow bars can be used to tow aircrafts of all major manufacturers.

Tupolev-Tu-154-towbarOur aircraft tow bars feature aircraft-specific adapters with overload protection. There are different configurations of adapter interface, shock absorption, carriage size and tube length available.

Best Aircraft Tow Bars


  • Tow bar well balanced, no need for counter wheels
  • Overload protection via shear pin (except Mini tow bar)
  • Security bolt keeps adapter and tube connected if shear pins break (except Mini tow bar)
  • Carriage extendable via manually operated hydraulic pump for standard and universal tow bar
  • Paint color according to customers choice

Main Components:

  • Steel or aluminum tube
  • Adapters designed for specific aircraft type
  • Lockable claws or pins grip the aircraft nose gear
  • Carriage with solid rubber or pneumatic tires


  • Different lengths of tube for standard and universal tow bar
  • Different sizes of carriage for standard and universal tow bar
  • Swinging axle for standard and universal tow bar
  • Adapter torsion for standard and universal tow bar
  • Shock absorber
  • Pivoting tow eye

Aircraft  Types:

Aircraft types
Airbus 300/310/318/319/320/321/ DO 328 IL 76, 76MD
AN12,24,26,30,32 EMB 120 IL 18
ATR 42/72 EMB 135/145 IL 62
B707/727/737/747/757/767/777 EMB   170/175/190/195/ERJ190/195 IL 86
BAC.1.11 F27 L188 Elektra/Lockhead P3C
BAE 125/ HS 125 F28 Lockheed C130 Hercules/L382
BAE 146/AVRO/HS146/RJ85/RJ100 F50 Saab 2000
Bombardier Global Express BD-700 F70 Saab 340/SF340
Challenger CL600,601,604,605 F100 TU 134
CRJ 100/200, 700/900 F100/70 (compatible) TU 154
Dash 7,8,8-400 Falcon  10/20/100/200 TU 204/TU214
DC 8 Falcon 50/90/900 YAK 40
DC9/MD80-83/87/88/90/95/B717 Falcon 2000 YAK 42
DC10/L-1011/MD11 Gulfstream II-V
Small Aircraft (Mini Tow Bar)
Cessna, Eclipse Gulstream, Jetstram, Learjet Rytheon, Saab
Fairchild, Metro Piaggio, Pilatus, Piper Shorts, Sino swearingen


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